SY 2012-2013 2nd Semester Lesson 6: Contrast, Pattern – Detailing

Slides: 2012-2013 G9 L6: Contrast, Pattern – Detailing

Xavier School  |  Grade 9  |  by Josiah Gosingtian

G9 L6 featured image

I originally planned to move on to topics that went beyond character design, but I decided not to leave things too basic.  I wasn’t sure whether the activity was going to fly, but it turned out to be the most successful in keeping student interest / attention.  Practically everyone was focused on their worksheets, and it was great to see how far my students took the base drawing.

On the 1st slide after the title page, I asked my students to define contrast in their own words, using the figures shown as guides.  It didn’t seem like they were used to doing things this way; I felt like their gazes showed less thought and more waiting, waiting for me to give them the definition.  Last semester, I did everything traditionally, with dictionary (well, Wikipedia) definitions for every new word or concept my students encountered.  I’m not sure about how effective that is, but I’m sure that they’re not used to it.  There’s only about 3 weeks left for this school year, and I hope to keep from spoon-feeding my students, in spite of the awkward silences that accompany the approach.

Here’s the worksheet for the activity: G9 L6 Worksheet

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I taught art to freshmen and sophomores for one semester each. The stuff here is what I showed them that year. :) Going through this made me realize how much more I needed to know in order to be effective, how much more experience I needed to have. Now currently acting on these needs. :D

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