Daily Doodle: Bird Creature

Daily Doodle: Bird Creature

Something for my Grade 7 and 8 art club’s next lesson (fantasy creature design).

SY 2012-2013 1st Semester Lesson 12: Movement 1.5 – Narrative Structure / Exquisite Corpse Writing Activity

Slides: 2012-2013 G10 L12: Movement 1.5 – Narrative Structure / Exquisite Corpse Writing Activity

Xavier School  |  Grade 10  |  by Josiah Gosingtian

M12 featured image

It was always hard for me to get started with drawing.  Blank sheets feel intimidating.  I felt like my marks on these pristine white surfaces would defile them, especially when I’d make a mistake.  Over the years, I’ve tried different ways to kickstart my mind for drawing ideas, and I thought it would be great if I could share them with my students.  I’ve shared one here before (Lesson 3).

The next lesson will be about comics and layouting.  It’s the third and last part of the lesson on movement, and requires my students to use what I’ve taught them before, such as Unity (Lesson 4).  Now, I thought that if I have so much trouble coming up with drawing topics, how much harder would it be to draw a series of images, all tied together by a narrative thread?  I started thinking about my experiences back in college with my writing org, UP Quill.  We played writing games when we felt like it; one of them was Exquisite Corpse…

(I initially wanted to teach my students how to play Renga but it might take too long — I have around 38 students per class.)

EDIT:  I’ve had a few classes do this activity already, and it’s been quite an eye opener.  I really do have to keep the context in mind, such as the fact that this is an exclusive boys school, and they’re in Grade 10.  Just from that, I should’ve warned them to “keep it classy”…  You may have noticed that I have a post here that’s password locked.  I’ll open it up when all of the classes are done with the activity.  It’s definitely interesting, though, some are, um, NSFW.
I’m glad that it worked, though.  I’ve rolled out Lesson 13 already; it seems like my students are enjoying reading each other’s work, and having fun drawing them, too.  Bump my fist!  Do it!

SY 2012-2013 1st Semester Lesson 11: Movement

Slides: SY 2012-2013 G10 L11: Movement

Xavier School  |  Grade 10  |  by Josiah Gosingtian

M11 featured image

You might have noticed that I didn’t teach the Principles of Design in order or in topic groups (as in, all Elements of Design first, then all Principles of Design).  It didn’t seem natural to do it that way.

A major point in the lesson is the creation of a sense of urgency in illustrations.  How do you make the scene more interesting?  How do you create that sense of something happening?

One of the things that made me do Lesson 9 (How to Draw Something You Don’t Know How to Draw) was how my students would ask me how to draw someone running.  And all of them drew something like the first runner below.


People can run that way, but they complained that their “running guys” don’t look like they’re running.  My tip was simple: make him slanted forward.  It emphasizes the direction he’s going, adding a “speed” factor, making it seem like he’s actually putting effort into it.  I hope the graphic makes the comparison clear.

Now, if you take all of this talk on diagonal lines and apply it to the running guy, you can do all sorts of cool stuff.  Let’s mess with the ground he’s running on.


It’s a gentle incline, but making it slant upwards makes it seem like a harder run than when it’s downwards.  It’s a simple thing, but it’s pretty cool right?  My students often worry about the “simplicity” of their work, and I always say that it’s fine.  What matters is that they’re able to get their message across properly.

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