SY 2012-2013 1st Semester Lesson 6: Tints, Tones, and Shades + Balance, the Rule of Thirds

Slides: 2012-2013 G10 L6: Tints, Tones, and Shades + Balance, the Rule of Thirds

Xavier School  |  Grade 10  |  by Josiah Gosingtian

M6 Eyepatch Guy

Applying the Rule of Thirds lets you create more interesting layouts, versus the regular center-oriented layout.

One thing to remember is that we’re naturally drawn to human faces.  We tend to look where their eyes are pointed towards, and if you combine this concept with the Rule of Thirds, you can create well-composed and unified images involving, well, things with faces.

When using the Rule of Thirds, balance doesn’t need to be strictly followed.  I only included it here so that I could teach as much as I can within the limited time I’ve been given with these sophomores…  You learn the rules to break them, eh?


About trickh

I taught art to freshmen and sophomores for one semester each. The stuff here is what I showed them that year. :) Going through this made me realize how much more I needed to know in order to be effective, how much more experience I needed to have. Now currently acting on these needs. :D

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