SY 2012-2013 1st Semester Lesson 4: Perspective, Unity

Slides: 2012-2013 G10 L4: Perspective, Unity

Xavier School  |  Grade 10  |  by Josiah Gosingtian

M4 Sketchy Dudes

Applying perspective takes a lot of work, which is why I suggested that my students make thumbnails first.  It helps to have a lot of thumbnails to choose from; going straight to the actual work can waste time if you end up disliking the design.

While doing the steps in the practice slides, think about what happens when you place objects beside each other on the space.  How would it look if you put something above the box?

I deal with these questions by doing a demo in front of my class.  I show them how to draw, say, a train or a house, objects that have multiple parts.  A house would have walls, and for regular ones, a roof.  If the roof is a pyramid shape, you can figure out where to place the center tip by taking the midpoints of the sides of the shape (the base) created by the intersections of the lines from the vanishing point (phew, quite a mouthful) and connecting them to the point on the opposite side.  You’ll have a cross shape.  Draw a straight vertical line from that point (yes, perpendicular to the horizon line).  Figure out how high you’d like your pyramid to go by placing a dot on the vertical line.  Connect the dot to the corners of the base.  Erase the guides.  BOOM!  Shelter.

Think of it like Legos.  You can build all sorts of things with using perspective lines!

A bunch of my students started freaking out when I got deeper into the lesson, which made it harder for me to advance.  It was a wall of sound, man.  “So hard,” they shouted.  “We can’t do that.”  But when I looked at what they did when we did it step-by-step, I could see that they got it.  They could do it.  So with my next classes, I decided to let them freak out before my lesson.  Make all the noise you want to make for 5 seconds.  It seems like it energizes them and it helps them focus on the lesson more.  So if you’re stuck with something, anything you’re doing, go somewhere and scream your lungs out!  YEAH!  Just don’t forget to get back to work. 😉

To my students who are reading this, consider: you were able to do it.  Step-by-step.  You got the basics, and that’s really all you need to build your backgrounds.  Some of you felt intimidated by the idea of even just starting the project, but believe in your ability; you were able to do it earlier, so don’t give up now. 🙂


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I taught art to freshmen and sophomores for one semester each. The stuff here is what I showed them that year. :) Going through this made me realize how much more I needed to know in order to be effective, how much more experience I needed to have. Now currently acting on these needs. :D

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